Freeman Weems

Composer / Producer / Musician

Specializing in production music covering rock, acoustic, country, folk and indie genres, I have been playing guitar in Memphis, TN for over two decades. I can often be seen performing live, standing in with other musicians and at several of the area open mic events. 

A strong background in production music composition, recording, mixing and editing allows me to deliver creative and inspiring music to enhance projects for Ad Agencies, Music Production Libraries, Film Directors, Corporations, Music Supervisors and Social Media Influencers.


Production music composition, arrangement, recording, mixing and editing. Original, exclusive, sample-free and cleared music to help film producers, businesses and social media creators enhance projects, goals and advertising objectives.


Genre Focused – Rock, Acoustic, Country, Folk, Metal, Kids, Blues, Americana, Indie, etc.

Emotion / Mood Focused – Happy, Sad, Introspective, Inspiring, Fun, Gritty, Dark, Scary, etc.


  • Stereo stems / Splits / Multi-tracks
  • Edits (Stinger, 15 sec, 30 sec, 60 sec, etc.)
  • Reduced mixes / Music bed
  • Audio format and specs to your needs. (Typically 44.1kHz 16bit wav and/or mp3)